Thursday, 26 November 2015

Google Expeditions

Our Amazing Google Expeditions

On Monday the Mighty Ducks and Rowandale School were very lucky to have the chance to try out Google Expeditions.  It was awesome!

First, every Mighty Duck got their very own Google Cardboard Viewer to use.  Inside the viewer is a special phone that shows amazing panoramic pictures of places all over the world...even the solar system!
Check us out trying the Cardboard Viewers...

Next we went on our first trip on a deep sea adventure.  We checked out amazing coral reefs with scuba divers.  It was neat to see the colourful coral, the swaying seaweed and lots of tiny fish. The colours were so bright!
It all seemed very real and we felt so close we wanted to reach out and touch the seaweed...

Then we took a trip to the moon!  We all thought that the Moon looked very white and rocky.  It was incredible to see planet Earth all the way from the Moon.  Earth seemed very blue and green, and it was glowing. 

After our time on the moon we headed to Egypt to check out the pyramids.  We could not believe how big they were.  Everything looked very orange and sandy!  We talked about how old the pyramids are...they are very very old.  We saw the special pyramids built for a father and son, Khufu and Khafre.  It was hard to imagine how long it would have taken to build the pyramids.

We felt really lucky to have the chance to check out Google Expeditions.  It was really exciting and an awesome way to journey to places very far away from us. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Term 4

Term 4

The Mighty Ducks have been hard at work this term - we have got off to a flying start!

In Week 1 we participated in Niue Language Week.  We learned some of the beautiful language and worked on weaving.  Weaving is an important part of Niue culture.  Check out our class work below:

We have also been participating in Jelly Beans music classes. We have learned how to keep a beat and make different rhythms.  It has been interesting learning how to play new instruments, like the Glockenspiel. We created our own chants and had a chant-off, played drums and used rhythm sticks!

FMS Sport has also been taking place each week.  We love getting outside in the beautiful weather to work on our skipping, jumping, balancing and throwing skills.  We especially love learning the new games the coaches have been teaching us.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Onesie Day

Onesie Day!

A big thank you to all of the Mighty Ducks who dressed in their comfy Pj's and Onesies to help celebrate Onesie Day!
It was a super comfy and fun dressed in our pyjammas. We had a relaxing morning, enjoying the disco and sausage sizzle.
What a great way to head into our holidays.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Busy Bee Cafe

Busy Bee Cafe

In Week 6 the Busy Bee classes had a fund raising bake sale.  The Mighty Ducks decided to make Lolly Kebabs! 

First we watched a video on how to make them.  It was neat to see the different lollies and shapes you could use.  

Next we wrote a procedure to make sure we followed the right steps.

Then we gathered our ingredients and materials.

We were very lucky to have Mrs R, our teacher aide, help us.  

Our Kebabs looked great.  They were very colourful.  They also tasted delicious!

Tongan Language Week

Malo e lelei!
Tongan Language Week

For Tongan Language Week the Mighty Ducks were to make a class tapa to add to a larger Rowandale School Tapa.

We were excited to get started.  We first looked at some examples of Ngatu, Tongan Tapa cloth.

We especially liked the Fata'o Tu'i Tonga.  It looked very interesting and we needed a ruler to help make the pattern.  We also liked the Manulua.  It is meant to look like bird wings. The Hala Paini symbol was also neat.  It represents the Norfolk Pine and has pointy tree branches, plus the sun and moon are apart of the design.  Another popular choice was the Ikale Tahi.  This bird shape is like a sea eagle in flight.  Lastly, some students chose to work on the Fetu'ufuka, which is a symbol of a comet.  

Everyone worked very hard on their chosen symbol.  We used brown, black and yellow, oil pastels to colour our patterns. When we were finished creating our designs we then used brown dye over top of the pictures to make them look more like actual tapa!

Our work was put together and added to the school tapa, which was placed above the stage in the hall for our special assembly.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Cook Island Language Week

Kia Orana! In Week 3 the Mighty Ducks celebrated Cook Island Language Week.

The Mighty Ducks had been working hard during the week learning about the Cook Island culture!

We first looked at the Cook Island Flag and learned that there are 15 stars on it and the colours of the flag are blue and red.  

We learned about the Cook Island Tivaevae.  It is a quilt with beautiful patterns on it.  We coloured some patterns using bright colours like the ones we saw.

Adeliya brought in a Cook Island pareu.  We really liked the bright colours.

At the end of the week the school celebrated with a special assembly.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Maori Language Week

Maori Language Week Day 2

Today's challenge had us asking one another "How are you?" (Kei te pehea koe?) and replying with "Good!" (Kei te pai!).